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It is said that “If you haven’t seen Lahore, you haven’t even been born”.  The ancient city of gardens is still regal in its charms. The second largest metropolitan city of Pakistan is a beautiful example of a culture spanning 4000 years. Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan. It is the capital of Punjab and is considered to be the cultural and food capital of the country. The city has many amazing landmarks and places to visit. Although there are millions of reasons to love Lahore, we have compiled a gallery for you to glance at the amazing Lahore.

The ancient fortified city has its grandeurs enclosed in its 13 gates and beyond.  Lahore is alluded to as the social heart of Pakistan as it proudly hosts most of the arts, cooking, fiestas, music, film-production, gardening and intellectuals of the nation. Lahoris pride themselves as being the fondest of food and the city justly nurtures this passion in several of its ancient localities like Food Street and Lakshmi Chowk.


The city has a lot to offer, being crowned as the second best tourist spot in Pakistan. City of gardens has always kept its distinctive individuality and still holds numerous of, centuries old gardens. A visit to the past in a regal subcontinent is what Lahore has to offer to its explorers. Be it the Imperial Masjid, The Royal Fort, Shalimar Gardens, mausoleums of Mughal emperors all there is that should be in a preserved cultural city.

  Badshahi Mosque

With three domes and eight minarets, the Badshahi Mosque has been a crown on Lahore’s head for more than three centuries. It was commissioned by Emperor Aurangzeb in 1671, with construction of the mosque lasting for two years until 1673. It is a must see place, a fine sample of Mughal architecture, though the present building appears to have been almost rebuilt in the 50's. The sheer size of the place especially domes and marinates is amazing. It has some fine art work in side. It is beautifully lit up in the evenings and is best viewed in the evening from the nearby roof-top restaurants.


Lahore Fort

There is a saying that whoever has not seen Lahore is not yet born. Fort is the oldest heritage where many kings lived and used it as their fortress. Shish Mahal and Divan e Khas are beautifully designed and worth seeing. Shish Mahal is embedded with small mirrors beautifully embedded. One can witness thousands of images. In 1980, Government of Pakistan nominated the fort for inclusion in UNESCO World Heritage Site based on the criteria i, ii, and iii together with the Shalima

Shalimar Gardens

Anyone who wants to see one of the best-preserved Islamic gardens on the planet must plan a trip to Pakistan. The northeastern city of Lahore is full of historical gems from the powerful Mughal Empire. Luckily for the world, the Mughals’ glorious Shalimar Gardens have been spared the ravages of time. The Shalimar Gardens are the finest example of Mughal garden construction that survives to this day.

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