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Abstract Word Limit (Total Characters) is 300 words or 2,500 characters (including: Abstract, Body, Images, and Tables (in image format); each image counts as 560 characters). You are allowed a maximum of 2 tables and/or images.


 The title should be entered in sentence case. Capitalize only the first letter of the title, any proper nouns or acronyms, and the first word following a colon (:).

Do NOT begin abstract titles with "The", "A", or "And".

Do NOT end titles with a period (.)

Sample Title: Engineering gene expression of Escherichia coli by mRNA: Applications in molecular biology

Abstract Body:

  • It should be a single paragraph, without subheadings, indentation or references.
  • It should be an explicit summary of your presentation that states the problem, the objectives, the methods used, and the major results and conclusions.
  • It should be single-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman.
  • Do not include bullets or lists in the abstract.
  • Use only the SI units. Use a negative exponent (e.g. kg m-3) and do not indicate units as divisions (e.g. kg/m3).
  • Chemical formulae should be written in standard form such as “CaCO3”, not as “CaCO3”. Use a zero before decimal points such as “0.45,” not “.45.”
  • Do NOT include self-citations, references, keywords, bibliographies, acknowledgments, support/grants, or disclaimers in your abstract.

Images and Tables:

  • Images include both figures and tables
  • Each image is 70 words or 560 characters from your total count
  • You are allowed a maximum of 2 images/tables 6
  • The following file types are allowed: gif, png, tiff, tif, jpg, and jpeg
  • Recommended file size is 2–4 MB

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